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The Servant and the Princess || Rapunzel & Eugene

Throughout the entire night, he played the role of a servant and made sure to avoid his beloved princess. He would keep a constant eye on her from a distance while doing some mundane task. In his mind, it was the perfect plan. It was her first royal party but honestly, you couldn’t tell. Blondie really knew how to hold her own and this way, he wouldn’t embarrass her with some improper slang or something of that sort. It was her coming out as the princess of Corona and there way no way in hell he would want to ruin that. That was until he bumped into and managed spill an assortment of drinks on her.

Smooth, Fitzherbert. Real.. Smooth.

He wasn’t sure exactly how long he stood there, but Eugene’s heart was hammering in his chest the whole time. There was no way to avoid interaction now. Well, might as well take the plunge.

"I’m so sorry, princess, but you should really stop being so," he gave her a wink whilst offering her a handkerchief, "well, lack of a better word: beautiful. It’s kind of distracting for a homely servant of my stature really." Eugene chuckled in a teasing manner. He was half hoping she would play along and not blow his so obvious cover. "I do hope you can forgive my clumsiness, I get it from this girl I know."

A New Start (OPEN)



There were certain jobs Mulan knew she was needed for, and this wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t as if the Emperor really needed a high-end bodyguard, especially when any of the regular old soldiers would have done just fine. But, no, Chi Fu just had to show some indication that he was “warming up to her” by having her come along. More like kissing up to the Emperor at her expense again.

Mulan almost envied Shang for being too sick to join them.

She had faithfully trailed behind the Emperor until introductions between the royals had begun. Mulan couldn’t help feeling flustered and quietly excused herself - the Emperor wouldn’t mind, but Chi Fu would have a private word with her later.

As she backed away from the formal introductions, she bumped into someone - one of Princess Cinderella’s servants, she supposed.

“Excuse me!” she exclaimed, needlessly brushing off Flynn-disguised-as-a-servant. “I just… Is there any place where I can get some air?”

Cinderella greeted the Emperor of China with a gracious smile and a warm, “How are you?” He answered updating her on the latest from his land. He also had a new guard in tow, a lady, whom Cinderella was excited to get acquainted, but the female guard escaped because Cinderella could ask anything. She watched her walk away making note to meet up with the female guard later. She was interested in her story. 

She talked calmly to the Emperor for awhile listening and trying to keep her mind focused on him. Finally, when he and Charming began talking more politics, the princess excused herself with a small curtsy and promises to meet up later and discuss the Emperors daughters. She walked the room once talking with honored guests and servants alike. She reminded herself every day of how lucky she was to meet Charming and never to take a servant for granted as she had once been one herself. 

She knew everyone who worked in the palace at least by face and tried hard to remember their names. As she walked to find the girl guard, Ella saw her talking to a male she had never seen before… dressed in the royal servants clothes… She kept her distance, but kept an eye on the sketchy man. 

The room was packed with princesses and royals alike, but Flynn’s eyes kept wandering towards the door. He could really careless about these people he was supposedly serving, and true be told, they probably felt the same way. The temptation to go around the castle and explore was making him antsy. Maybe if he… He wasn’t here for some quick heist, no, he was here on the very slim chance of seeing someone important to him; ‘cause well, she was a princess now and that doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time for ex-thieves nowadays.  He understood but it was.. Well, it was annoying. But not at annoying as being bumped into.

"Not your type of crowd is it?" He rose an eyebrow to the woman in front of him. Then he mentally kicked himself. Servants can’t be sassy or blunt. "I think outside would be the best place to start, I mean, if you’re looking for that sort of thing." 

Eh. Good thing he wasn’t a real servant. He chuckled t the woman while rolling his shoulders back.  “True be told, this isn’t my type of crowd either. Follow me miss, and I’ll lead you to your lungs desire.” He lead the woman through one of the big doorways, hoping that it would lead to the huge back yard he wandered through earlier. As he did, he noticed a princess was staring intently at him, even if it was for a brief moment. ‘Probably dazzled by my ruggedly handsome looks.’ 

A New Start (OPEN)


Cinderella took a deep breath through her nose letting it slowly pass out of her mouth. She smiled greeting her loyal subjects and the few guests staying with her and Prince Charming. She loved meeting new people especially having lived with the same three for years. The only excitement she got back then was when she found a new animal to take care of. Now, Cinderella got to take care of a whole kingdom, and she loved that. 

It was rather funny how he got himself into these type of situations. But hey, it made heck of a story when you’re somewhere far, far away, looking back at it. Ah, memories. Unfortunately for this thief, he hadn’t quite reached that point just yet. It started when he heard some about hoodang occurring in a nearby castle he was passing. Curiosity got the better of the thief and one thing lead to another leading to him walking around the halls masquerading as a servant. Eh, Royals.

Final Update until Soft Opening


We are pleased do announce that Disney Princess Roleplay will officially re-open June 17th, 2013. Everyone is welcome to send in applications ON June 17th. The whole tumblr for Disney Princess Roleplay has been updated so please take a look at the new RULES, CHARACTER LIST, and MODS page as well as the other content on the site. 

For prior members interested in re-applying, there will be a soft-opening tomorrow, June 16th, 2013. Prior members will be able to apply as any character they wish as long as they re-submit an application. 

If you’re interested in applying the application is open to look at. However, any applications from prior members or non-members sent in before their allotted time will be deleted. We will not review them. 

Please welcome the new admin Flynn Rider! As well as moderator Aladdin/Mulan! Both have stepped up to the plate and helped me get the newly redesigned Disney Princess Roleplay on it’s feet! 

If any of you have any questions about Disney Princess Roleplay, please feel free to send us an ask. 


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